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Wink For the few who still lurk around opinions please

Ok so lately I’ve been contemplating to sell my is300 I love this car and has been a great car since day one of ownership. it never broke down never left me stranded beside dead battery “knock on wood” and all around just a great great car .but like most of us we get bored with cars “as do I” one can only do so much with a car and get bored so like I said I’ve been contemplating on selling and have had 2 car in mind only these 2

My first option is a New edge mustang GT 1999-2004 manual transmission of course I’ve found a couple in really great shape for a decent price. Yes I know a Mustang right? But I’ve always had a soft spot for these but never pulled the trigger and c’mon V8 American muscle...

My 2nd option which I recently started looking at again is a 1997-2001 prelude SH or non SH and of course 5speed... in my opinion I love this body style since it came out this was the best looking prelude ever made in my opinion I have found several in really great shape and great prices unbelievable on how much the Prices have dropped for these cars

I know both have there ups and downs as far as the models I’m deciding on

I just want to hear your guys/gals opinions if you have ever owned any of these cars and the years I’m looking into getting what’s the pros and cons of these models thank you

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