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2017 fitness thread

Happy the forum is still up.

It's a new year, new start

I'm hitting the weights 3 to 4 times a week, riding my road bike a few times weekly and usually hiking on Sundays. Weight is right around 170 these days.

Plan is to stay consistant all year and fill back out to mid 180's, maybe attempt some sort of physical challenge next year possibly do some fitness work. I'm doing a 7 mile hike Sunday, would love to do a run to run trip some time this year at the Grand Canyon.

I've been eating mostly as vegetarian for the past couple of years. My overall health and sense of well being has improved dramatically since I cut out red meat. Blood pressure is in check etc

Hope you all are doing well. Also hoping to find an occasional gym partner in Mesa. Hit me up Spec, I don't have your number anymore.
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