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D16z6 block with d15b2 head. Compatibility questions.

I see a lot of builds with the d15 block and a z6 head. With those there is the confusion of what timing belt will work and something about an oil squirter. I just bought a '91 Crx with a d15b2 engine that has a big hole in the block. I bought a z6 block to put it in with the d15b2 head. Now, I want to build this correctly, the first time. I'm not wanting anything spectacular, I just want it running. I need as a daily/ project....but first and foremost daily. Here are my current problems.

I am having trouble finding the girdle bolts....if I can not reuse them....
What timing belt is used?
Should I buy head bolts for the d15? are they all the same for d series?
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iTrader: (51) should answer all of this for you.

Any bolts you'd need i would buy from honda.
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