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DIY Extender Shift Lever


I'm not responsible for damages done to your tools, car or yourself. Please be cautions and use the equipment properly with the proper safety equipment!

Just because you'll have this in your daily; it doesn't mean you're a real racer. Don't drive like an asshat thinking this makes you a hardcore racer. I made this D.I.Y for people who want one but can't
A. Afford a fastline or Circuit Hero shift extender etc.
B. Anyone that doesn't like the "eBay" extended lever P.O.S.
C. You're like me and like D.I.Y mods

Let's Begin shall we?

I ordered an eBay extender, like pictured below

It was annoying, just kept hitting my dash.

so I decided to make my own.

I won't post a list of tools because there are many different ways to do this.

1) get a stock shift lever

2) Get a handsaw or like me use a chop saw

Mine had oil in the shifter and spilled some when I cut into it. Why? I don't know.

3) Should be hollowed already, so all you need to do is make it wide enough for the M10 x 1.5 nut to fit in the hole. Get your drill press, dermel tool, drill etc. and go to town

I decided to go in with the dermel to do the last bit.

4) Get your m10 x 1.5 nut and should go into the lever ( may need a little hammer motivation ). Now you can put in JB Weld or Epoxy if you'd like but I wouldn't advise it. Why not just tap? The hole already made is to wide!

5) They way I advise is welding. Bust out the welder or take it to someone to do a few welds.( Don't mind the non-professional welding )

6) Another m10 x 1.5 nut will go on your shifter on your car if the shifter bend doesn't line up where you want it to.

7) Then install your new extender on and tighten it all the way down and to your liking.

8) You're Done

extra step is paint and clear coat to your liking

I do plan on using a dual bend shifter as soon as I find one.
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